How to add the Marine Aquarium 3 in Screen Saver


By agus47-jatiblogger

Marine Aquarium 3 is a sreen saver is very interesting, because it can display an artificial aquarium close to the original.

In a marine aquarium this 3 we can also add the number of fish and fish species that we want into the software.

As for how to add 3 as a marine aquarium sreen saver into your computer is as follows:

Step 1:
  • Download Marine Aquarium 3
  • Extract from RAR to C:\WINDOWS\system32

Step 2:
  • Go to Desktop
  • Right click, Properties, Sceen Saver
  • Select Marine Aquarium 3 in the box sceen saver and click ok
  • Click Apply

Now if your computer is in a resting position, you can enjoy the marine aquarium 3 as the release tired.

Download (Marine Aquarium 3)


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