How to install the IP tracker on your blog


by. Jati - jatiblogger

Currently, Computer and Technology will discuss about How to install the IP tracker on your blog.
When we visited the someone blog, we usually see that there use some tracking the IP is installed on the blog. If you are interested to install the gadget, you can try it out in the or and try this gadget in your blog. Want to install?

Follow the steps below:
Step one:
  1. Open the site   
  2. View Custom Image and you can selected some view in Custom Graphical Info Image (you can change the background color in this site).
  3. Click the Create My Image 
  4. Wait some time until the process is complete.    
  5. Copy the code under Linked Image, paste in the notepad for later in the entry to the blog.
  6. Now you can close this site.

Step two:
  1. Sign in    
  2. Click the Layout.
  3. Click the Elements page.
  4. Click the Add Gadget.
  5. Click the HTML / javascript.
  6. Copy the code in the notepad, then paste in the available.
  7. Click the SAVE CHANGES.
  8. Move the new elements in place on a comrade who want, and click the Save button.
  9. Done.

Please read these instructions before move the link to your blog.

The "Linked Image" is pre-written HTML code that links back to us.
The link back to us is suggested but not required.
The "Link to Your Image" is just the URL of your image.
Your image will display if you place the "Link to Your Image" in an <img> tags.

These the results:

For the other types of Gadgets IP Tracker like "Info Sniper", this the step:
  1. Sign in 
  2. Open the new tab in your browser site and type  
  3. Click the Gadget.
  4. Choose the type of gadget that you want.    
  5. Copy the code under Linked Image, paste in the notepad for later in the entry to the blog or you can click Add to your blog. 
  6. Automatically you brought directly to Blogger dashboard in Add Page Element. In this page, you can change the Title and Edit content (like  width and height for the gadget).
  7. If you done for edit, then click Add Widget.
  8. Now the gadget automattcally add in your Page Element. 
  9. You can choose in which part you want to put these gadgets.
  10. If done, click Save.
  11. Now you can close this site.

This one sample of the "Info sniper" gadget.

Thanks for try this trick.


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