How to Install ePSXe in PC


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Currently, Computer and Technology will discuss about ePSXe emulator. Because of the PS1 emulator is not as easy to install software that is usually, with only the click-NEXT-NEXT .... - Finish are completed, then this is different for ePSXe. Because there are additional settings for the BIOS VIDEO, SOUND, CD Drive, and setting pads / joystick. Therefore, Here I will describe how to install and setting BIOS for ePSXe 1.60.

Before the move to the first step of course you must already have a file with ePSXe 1.60 full which bios can be downloaded here --->> DOWNLOAD. And of course CDs and PS1 games that have joystick or Game pads (If any) if there is no you can still use the keyboard to play the game.

Step 1:
After downloading please want to be put where it is important in the Disk Drive / hardisk. For example I put in My Documents is the name

Step 2:
Because the file downloaded earlier in the form of a ZIP, first the file must be in Extrack to a folder using the software WinZip / WinRAR / 7ZIP. Here in for example: Extrack in Drive D: \

Step 3:
Open the ePSXe.exe file who the icon of the image is white stick PS with the Double CLICK. Then a window will appear as below.

Step 4:
After opening ePSXe 1.60 then click the Config menu select Wizard GUIDE.

Step 5:
After step 4 is done then the window will appear again

Step 6:
Select the Config then will appear

Step 7:
select NEXT, if it appears below the window then select OK, but it if does not appear to mean that the next step.

Step 8:
Setting the VIDEO display similar like this

Step 9:
Once the window appears as above select Pete's Soft Driver 1:54 with the option to move the screen down. Then select the Config then will appear

Step 10:
In the VIDEO setting up to be a

  • Resolution & COLOR
Fullscreen mode:
Mean if you want to view game with full screen, please adjust the resolution, together with the recommended screen resolution is currently active.

Window Mode:
Mean if you do not want to display on full screen. Here, you can set yourself how would like to display the desired width.

Color Depth:
The higher the bit rate the more clear view the Games. select only 32 bits.

Function to display the game will be small in size according to maximize the window.

  • Frame rate
Use FPS Limit:
If this option is given a check list so you can set the display speed of the game is being played. For setting up his please enter the number at between 10 FPS Limit - 200. The number will be much faster. But I have to try it with the standard speed is 70 FPS.

Scanline Mode:
Disable just select OK.

Step 11:
After setting up Video and click OK then NEXT ago will appears window for setting up SOUND / voice.

Step 12:
In the slide options window to select and hold down Pete's DSound Audio Driver and click Config 1:15. window will then appear as below.

to be considered are:

GENERAL settings.
Here you can adjust the loudness. If it is not very meaningful only select Medium.

select this option to 0: Fast mode so that there is no interference in the vote.
Step 13: After setting Sound and then click OK NEXT next window to appear so setting CDrom.

Step 15:
On the screen above as you please arrange your own buttons to play with Game Select Controller 1 Controller and 2. It will then appear


If you have not installed the joystick / GamePad then you can still use the keyboard to play Gamenya. Please can you enter a key combination as you wish.

If you are OK and click NEXT again

Step 16:
Then a window appears notifying you that your BIOS settings are Done. The last step, click the DONE button.

Well now you can already play PS1 Games using ePSXe 1.60.
How: Insert the CD to the PS1 game CDrom ago on the File menu select RUN CDrom.


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