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Jakarta - Do not be too full to install the profile and self-images in Facebook! Do not be too easy on Facebook! Oops, invocation is of course not too popular, or likely to be ignored, for the pure-Facebooker. Yes indeed, because it shifted the concept of ideas and a friendship, then what does not in fact we only have a few friends in the real world as long as have many (hundreds, thousands) of friends on social networking sites.

If so your attendance is the number of the friend. But with more and more friends, only friends who sometimes just do not know or even remember who he is anymore or where to meet, the more vulnerable the data exposed ourselves to parties outside of our control.

Hence, so you will easily become the victims of 'impersonation'.


This paper is deliberately created and I just kind detikINET to, because there is one case that directly replace one of my student in a private university where I teach. The student is the other story of his charge to me that almost every time her mobile phone contacted the person who is not known, even in the middle of the night though.

After I dig more information, turns out I find that the data itself in Facebook, either by whom, the copy and made a blog on Blog is apparently managed directly by the student is. This is the case with the so-called 'impersonation'

Even the actors (impersonator), move some photos before the student's Facebook site to a free photo storage, Contents blog, tended to be both libel and harassing his dignity as a woman.

Unfortunately again, the blog is also listed phone number that is used daily by the student. Thus, almost every time he had to explain that is not like what is written in a blog on each incoming caller.


This case is rather complicated, because the place impersonator put data and the photos are outside the regions of Indonesia. But the effort remains to be done. At or, have facilities to do the 'flag blog', with a choice of 'impersonation'. We need to scan the attached ID card or driver's license that we can prove that the perpetrator is the victim of impersonation.

Now that we have men-submit, then we wait for the decision to stay out of management services for blogs revoke or remove a blog address which is the object to us.

Tweedledum any money with the three photos that have been stored in imageshack overdo. There are features to report and request removal of images that we consider copyrighted material, contain elements of pornography or violence. Its assumptions, photos taken from our Facebook account without our permission, is an image that violates copyright.


So that cases are not repeated with anyone, there is good preventive steps below can be run when the world's Facebook:

  1. Do not be too full to install the profile data themselves or in Facebook. Of course, the more complete the profile / data itself is inserted, the more easily get a friend. But on the other hand, the data also at risk in one of our self-use (abused).
  2. Do not install the pictures yourself if you own that will not feel comfortable when the image is wide-spread freely. Remember, even though the image is "only" posted on your Facebook account, actually it's the same with a photo spread of Luke to the public. Once in post, and spread, it is very difficult (and nearly impossible), you may revoke your images from the Internet. So, is selective in the pose and post your photos.
  3. Do not indiscriminate 'add friend' or to request approval on someone to be your friend. How to share and easy to select them, see how the number of "mutual friends" between you and the someone is. The less "mutual friends" is, it means that the fewer friends you know that with him, which means that the risk is high. Make sure you only receive a "friendship" that "mutual friends" is enough. 
  4. Do not carelessly accept the photo tags. Our so-so "effeminate Tagging", but try it more selective. That is, once you go to Facebook, it's painstaking review "surroundings". Because we sometimes find ourselves the images are uploaded, and tag-on by another person, when we do not like the image is shared. Immediately we are "untag" ourselves from the image and if we need to ask a friend to upload the image to pull out.
  5. Do not delay-delay, when you find your profile or data used by the other party for matters outside your control, act flee. Leaving it, it will make the long and destructive impact, at least, to comfort themselves. Report directly to the venue management services' impersonation ', to immediately revoke information asphalt (original but false) is. Or, ask for assistance on the people or parties who were or could understand how the things above.

Author, Donny B.U., is activator campaign "Be Wise While Online" in program Internet Sehat - ICT Watch. For other related articles, can be read in atau

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